An interview with the trainer

Hey, I'm Chloe. As you may have already read from my site, my ethos is to provide coaching that motivates, teaches and inspires, providing clients with the knowledge required to make more mindful decisions when it comes to their overall health and well-being.

I decided that my first blog post would be a good way to introduce myself and my coaching style further and I thought, what better way for you to get to know me than by having an awkward dining table interview with my fiancé asking me some questions! :D

I hope this helps you to understand me and my ethos as a personal trainer better but if you want to carry on the conversation or have any other questions, then get in touch with me here.


Tell us a bit about yourself

What made you first decide to get into personal training?

I found CrossFit three years ago and I realised this was the first time I’d been so enthusiastic and excited about exercise. I have always been active and sporty, but this evolved my passion for training, staying fit and healthy. I got into Personal Training as I want others to experience this enjoyment and to help them find the motivation and tools they need to look after their health through exercise and other lifestyle changes.

I am continually learning about fitness and health and want to transfer this knowledge to others so that they can exercise safely and make more mindful decisions when it comes to their own health and wellbeing.

What do you like about CrossFit?

CrossFit is a functional style of training, mixing strength, power and endurance training with movements designed around helping you function well in daily life, throughout your life. I really enjoy weightlifting (as it is so technical so I am constantly learning and improving) and have enjoyed competing at various competitions over the years. I love the community spirit at our “box” which helps me to stay motivated. It also means that everyone feels included by going through the highs and lows of working out together!

What motivates you to exercise and stay healthy and fit?

When I look back to before I started training more routinely and think about what I have achieved over the last few years, the strength and confidence I’ve gained through exercise, and feeling generally better mentally, that keeps me going. Seeing those little improvements along the way coupled with the endorphin boost I get after every session is a real reminder of why I’m doing this – even if I’m not feeling it one day I also feel so much better for doing some sort of exercise, even if it’s just getting out for a walk, it all counts!

I also want to not just live a long life, but live a healthy one, and continue with all the activities I enjoy into later life, so this is a real motivation for me to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle in all aspects.

Do you have any other hobbies?

I’m a very active and outdoorsy person – I grew up in the countryside so my hobbies are generally fitness related, taking place in the great outdoors. I enjoy sea kayaking and spend my summers out on the ocean, kayaking up and down rivers, or taking camping trips with the kayak to explore new places on the water. I love going on long walks,hikes and bike rides to get out in nature.

I also enjoy reading a good book, dancing to music, eating great food and having cuddles with my gorgeous little cat.

What's the story behind your brand image?

My ethos is focussed on overall fitness and wellbeing, leading a balanced lifestyle and helping people be more mindful about their choices when it comes to their health - making it a lifestyle choice rather than just exercise – so demonstrating mindfulness was important.

The ocean aspect actually came from my friend who designed my logo and branding. She took inspiration from me, drawing on my love of the ocean and my “mermaid” hair.


Tell us about how you work with your clients

What can a new personal training client expect?

I offer all potential clients a free consultation so we can have a chat and start to get to know each other. This will enable me to find out a bit about their history and lifestyle and their health and fitness goals, so I have a better understanding of what they want to achieve. This is also the time to ask me any questions and to make sure I am the right trainer for them.

We can work together to overcome any barriers, set some achievable goals, and arrange times and an approach to training that is suitable for each individual.

What is your training style?

I am a friendly person that aims to ensure everyone I work with feels comfortable, relaxed and confident with me as their trainer. I ensure I have their best interests in mind and will do what is right for them and, if something isn’t working, we can work together to change things up and to help them make progress.

My philosophy, or ethos, ‘Motivate, teach, inspire’, is about encouraging the enjoyment of exercise alongside improving physical and mental health. I want to provide knowledge and tools to help people adopt healthy habits in their whole life and make more mindful decisions when it comes to their health and well-being. More about this on my ‘About’ page.

How do you keep your clients motivated and engaged?

Part of my ethos is focussed on transferring my knowledge to others so I won’t just tell people I train what to do but I will ensure they understand the purpose behind the exercises they are doing, which helps with engagement. I have a positive attitude and am a patient and encouraging person and will provide guidance in and out of sessions. I want my clients to achieve their goals and we will work together to get them there. I will push harder when I feel they are capable of more but I will never make anyone feel uncomfortable or forced to do anything – the aim is to have an enjoyable session whilst also benefitting from it.

Seeing gradual improvements is important for staying motivated so setting realistic, shorter-terms goals is key. Just setting one long-term goal may make it hard to notice achievements and it is important for consistency and motivation that there are some little wins along the way to help see that all the hard work is paying off.

Building a relationship with my clients is important for engagement and motivation. This helps to ensure the programme is right and, if there is something that isn't working, they are able to raise this with me so we can work together to make adjustments.

What will your clients achieve from having you as their trainer?

I want my clients to achieve their goals. We will work together to set realistic goals and work together to get them there. If they aren’t sure exactly what they want to achieve then the free consultation may help with this or if it is general fitness that is desired, we can work to do that as well. Ultimately though, I want all my clients to achieve their goals and become a more confident and happier version of themselves.

How do you help clients overcome barriers?

During the consultation we will discuss their lifestyle which will help to identify any barriers and the priority they put on various areas of their life which they may wish to change to fit in exercise. Ways to overcome barriers vary depending on what the barrier is. A common barrier is time - people are busy and struggle to fit exercise into their day to day life, so it is helpful to find out how much time they realistically have to exercise and work out the best approach - there is always something that can be done that is more beneficial than doing nothing at all. Remote personal training sessions may help to overcome the time barrier as there is no travel required.

During recent lockdowns it has become apparent that we shouldn’t expect the same from ourselves as we may do in our 'normal' lives so it is important to be realistic when looking at what we can do to overcome barriers depending on what else is going on in our lives. For example, someone’s realistic exercise goal over lockdown may just be to get a minimum number of steps per day.

Where would you normally hold a training session?

Currently I am offering sessions in outdoor public spaces in the local area or at clients’ homes, if they have a suitable and safe space to exercise (depending on Covid-19 regulations). I have a variety of equipment that can be used during these sessions including dumbbells, kettlebells and resistance bands.

I am also available to host remote, online 1-1 sessions and have recently launched a couple of online classes on Zoom as well. My hours are flexible depending on the client and we will work to find a suitable schedule during the consultation.

Watch this space though as I will soon have new base where I will be running classes and able to hold real life, face to face personal training sessions!! :D

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Thanks for reading!

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