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Every Tuesday @ 12:15-13:00: Strength

Every Thursday @ 07:15-08:00: Rise & Sweat

See below for class descriptions.

 First Class FREE! 

Future classes cost £6 or you can pay for a 5 class pass for only £25.

~ All classes are open to any ability and I will provide movement variations in the class so you are able to work to your current level. ~

~ Class attendee numbers are limited in order to provide a more personalised experience. ~


~You will definitely need some water and a nice sized space to move in. ~

~ For Tuesday's Strength session you should ideally bring some form of weight. If you don't have any kettlebells or dumbbells then you could put some tins or books in a rucksack and that will work just as well. ~

Women Stretching on Yoga Mat


A lunchtime strength session to get you up and moving, giving you some midday motivation.

This 45 minute strength session is designed for all abilities.

These sessions will utilise functional movement to work on building full body strength, whilst also improving technique and power.


In these sessions we will use both body weight and available equipment, progressing movements to help you build full body strength.

Every Tuesday @12:15-13:00 on Zoom

Strong Woman

Rise & Sweat

A morning, energy boosting session, setting you up to tackle the day ahead!

Wake up and get energised with this 45 minute sweat session.

These sessions will combine the HIIT and circuit training methodology to give you a high energy workout that will help improve cardiovascular fitness, speed and strength.

We will mainly focus on the use of body weight, with the occasional use of equipment, to get you awake and ready for the day ahead.

Every Thursday @07:15-08:00 on Zoom